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Engineered and mixed by Jonas G.
Produced by Gregg Belisle-Chi & Kyle Turver
Recorded at Fastback Studios, Seattle, WA
Album artwork and design by Shannon Loys

All words and music by Coastland Commons, except for track 12, "As We Walk Along," - words by Michael Perry © 1982 The Jubilate Group (admin. Hope Publishing Company)



released February 19, 2016

Lynn & Brian Beaumont; Abby & Chad Bergman; Frank & Lynn Blosser; Rebecca Calvo; Tara Chase; Zach Christensen; Brian Delavan; Fred & Adele Drummond; Holli Erdahl; Doug & Dani Forbess; Otto & Selma Hansen; Sally Heilstedt & Creagan Samples; Ryan & Heather Ingersoll; Derek & Andrea Klobucher; The Koga Family; Bill & Sherry Owen; Joshua David Sjoding; Eric & Janet Tangen; Chris & Debbie Tott; Kim & Cindy Turver; Jessica, Kyle, Luella, & Theodore Turver; Bettee Woodburn; Jay & Sonja Young; Andrew & Kristine Zellman; David & Cindy Zellman

We are grateful for the generous support of Bethany Presbyterian Church, Maple Park Church, and Fuller Seminary Northwest.



all rights reserved


Coastland Commons Seattle, Washington

We are an open and collaborative community of artists, pastors, and lay people committed to the renewal of local culture through the arts & helping our neighbors uncover and express their creative voice.

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Track Name: I Can't Go Home Again
Long have I wandered from the place I once called home
Hoping to change the world but the world changed me
They say the slippery slope is a danger to the soul
But giving up the slope can really make you whole

I spent years on years trying to stay upon the side
Fearing that if I slipped, I’d be like those who reside
Down in the valley where they’ve given up the ghost
Now those strangers have become my gracious hosts

I can’t go home again
I can’t go home again

Faith was an exercise in sticking to the script
Love was another word for shunning those who slipped
Hope was a distant home for those who played the game
Hell was a wall we built between the in and the inane

I can’t go back to who I was, I can’t go home to where I’m from
But I’ll show you that crumbing house
Where my faith was fed,
Where my hope was stirred,
Where you called my name
Track Name: To Whom Would We Go?
Maybe I heard you when you passed by me, lying in my blood
Didn’t you call me child?
And once again, when I cried out “Son Of David,”
you healed me then, but sometimes I still feel blind

But to whom would we go, O Lord?
To whom would we go, O Lord?
To whom would we go, O Lord?
You have the words of life in you

Maybe you called me out upon the water
When the storm reared up, I was sinking down
But what I best remember is every time I have denied you
And the fear that cripples; the shame, like a wedding gown
Track Name: There is a Voice
When the words are sharp and cut deep
When the road is longer than you think
When all seems lost and unredeemed
And your faith is stumbling underneath the weight

When the struggle feels not worth the pain
And the darkness seems so unrestrained
When tenderness begins to fade
And hope feels like another world away

When you wake up in a stranger’s arms
And the comfort that was there is gone
When you wake to find in morning light
The grace you thought you knew had been withdrawn

Walking silently beside, leaves no room or space to hide
Soft as dawn and cool as night, there is a voice that quietly abides

When the fighting rages all around
And you try your best but you still lose ground
When the loss is greater than the gain
And the cost is too much to explain

When the grief comes rushing in like waves
And you mourn the mess you did not create
When you stand up just to be knocked down
And you’ve kept your questions to yourself

A voice is calling in the desert, where there is no hope of water:
“Come and drink and have your fill, the pain is real but you will be renewed.”
Track Name: Rend
All our attempts are like filthy rags
Oil-stained from cleaning the messes we’ve made
Blown, dried like leaves scattered far from the tree
We pray for justice, then swallow the key

We see you are angry, we know we’ve done wrong
We’re trying to be better, but have been sick so long
Please hold back your anger and forgive our debt
But don’t make us for forgive our brother just yet
Please don’t make me forgive my brother, not yet

Rend the heavens and come down
Rend the heavens and come down

The mountains will quake and the fault lines will tear
We, like the water, will boil in fear
Shattered like clay tossed away from the hand
The potter will give each piece back to the land. 

We build and we toil to delay the decay
Knowing the sickness will catch use someday
Do you weep for the young we’ve returned to the earth?
How long must we suffer this maddening curse?
God, How long must we sing this unending verse?
Track Name: In My Failure*
In my striving, In the weight,
All my attempts live up to you, You are there
In my laughing, In my joy,
All the times when I forget you, You are there and you say

“Come to me, you are loved
You are my child, you are my joy.”

In my failure, In my lust,
When I fuck everything up, You are there
And in my heartache, In my shame,
When all of me bears all of it, You are there and you say

“Come to me, you are loved
You are my child, you are my joy, my crown, and my blood
Come to me, you are loved
You are my body, you are my hands, my feet, my blood
You are my blood, you’re in my blood,
Come to me”
Track Name: Unbearable Lightness
What do I live for?
What do I hold?
What do I wish for in a world without hope?

Who have I pardoned?
Who have I cursed?
Who have I buried in my heart and hurt?

Am I a stranger?
Am I alone?
Am I one with anything or anyone?

“I am He who knows,” He says to me

Unbearable lightness
Track Name: Emmaus Prayer
In my wandering, Lord, I have lost you
In my searching, Lord, I need your truth
In my weakness, my strength must come from you

O Lord, my God, have mercy!
Grant me your peace, and comfort me!

In my striving, Lord, help me seek you
In my listening, Lord, help me know you
In my questioning, Lord, help me trust in you
Track Name: Stay With Us
Stay with us, it soon is evening
Stay with us, the night is falling

The Word made flesh has dwelt with us
Full of grace and truth, we beheld His glory
Track Name: He Was Known
He was known in the breaking of the bread
He was known in the breaking of the bread
Every soul come awake and your heart be new
He was known in the breaking of the bread

Didn’t our souls burn with in us?
Didn’t our hearts set ablaze?
Didn’t a song rise within us?
Didn’t he tell us of Moses?
Didn’t he show us the way?
Didn’t he heal all our blindness?
Track Name: Come to the Table
Come to the table, all who are able
bring all your weary, your sick, and your poor
Come to the table as you are able
here is eternally a place for you

Come taste the feast of heaven made new
Come to the table, come to the table
come taste the depth of his love for you.
Track Name: As We Walk Along
As we walk along beside you and we hear you speak of mercy,
then it seems our hearts are burning,
for we find you in the sharing of the word

As we ask that you stay with us, and we watch what you are doing,
then our eyes begin to open,
for we see you in the breaking of the bread

Alle, Alleluia!

As we reach for you believing, and we go to love and serve you,
then our lives will be proclaiming
that we know you in your rising from the dead.
Track Name: Were Not Our Hearts
Were not our hearts burning within us on that road?